Web Page Reviews - 2016 - December

What is Safe Mode in Windows? What are the different types of Safe Mode? (2016-12)
What is Safe Mode  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
Paranoid or prudent: Should you tape over your web cam? (Yes, says the FBI.) (2016-12)
Tape over webcam  (keywords: Computers, security)
Making Windows screen shots using the Print Screen key (PrtScn) and other tools. (2016-12)
Windows screen shots  (keywords: Windows, general)
What are the ways malware can infect your Windows computer? What types of files carry virus and malware? (2016-12)
Windows infections  (keywords: Windows, security)
Turn off the Windows Customer Experience program. (2016-12)
Windows Customer Experience  (keywords: Windows, features)
How to use a custom drop down list for choices in Excel 2010 (as well as other versions). (2016-12)
Excel drop down list  (keywords: Office suites, Excel)
How to find all merged cells in an Excel worksheet. (2016-12)
Excel merged cells 2  (keywords: Office suites, Excel)
DDoS Attack: How to identify vulnerable devices. How secure is yours? (2016-12)
DDoS attack  (keywords: Computers, security)
Fix Windows Explorer crashing. (2016-12)
Windows Explorer crashing  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
How to diagnose (and possibly fix) Windows Explorer crashes. (2016-12)
Fix Windows Explorer crashes  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
Use multiple references to the same Word 2010 footnote. (2016-12)
Word multiple references  (keywords: Office suites, Word)
Is the online "Reimage Repair" offering legitimate? (Hint: Doesn't appear to be.) (2016-12)
Reimage Repair  (keywords: Software, general)
What a file's meta data is and how to edit it in Windows. (2016-12)
Edit metadata  (keywords: Windows, general)
Can you match the two parts of these odd facts? (14 different quizzes) (2016-12)
Match parts of facts  (keywords: Games, general)
What to look for in a telescope and photographic equipment, and where to point them. (2016-12)
Telescopes  (keywords: Astronomy, general)
New Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts. (2016-12)
Windows 10 keyboard  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, keyboard)
High Dynamic Range (HDR) technique imaging is a set of techniques that allow a far greater dynamic range of exposures than normal digital imaging techniques. Here are 35 examples. (2016-12)
HDR  (keywords: Photography, general)
Fill rows of pieces to score points. (2016-12)
Fill rows for points  (keywords: Games, general)
What is UAC (User Account Control) and why you should not turn it off. (2016-12)
User Account Control  (keywords: Windows, features)
Easily uninstall and reinstall Windows 10 applications. (2016-12)
Uninstall Windows 10 apps  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, general)
22 websites to teach you how to code. (2016-12)
How to create a password protected folder without any extra software. (2016-12)
Password protected folders  (keywords: Windows, files & folders)
Evolution of the Rifle (downloadable infographic file). (2016-12)
Rifle evolution  (keywords: Weapons)
20 Windows registry hacks to make your PC more awesome. (Proceed with caution. Make a backup copy of your computer's registry file before changing anything in it.) (2016-12)
Registry hacks  (keywords: Windows, registry)
How to make Windows 10 look and feel like Windows 7. (2016-12)
Making Windows 10 like 7  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, general)
5 Ways to make Screenshots in Windows 10 (yes, there are other ways, too). (2016-12)
Windows 10 screenshots  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, general)
Windows 10 settings you should change right away. (No, do NOT disable User Account Control.) (2016-12)
Changing Windows 10 settings  (keywords: Windows, Windows 10, features)
Before you resort to MS Paint or piracy, give these free image-editing tools a shot. (2016-12)
Image-editing tools  (keywords: Software, image editor)
What you can do to make a Windows PC faster. (2016-12)
Make Windows PC faster  (keywords: Windows, general)
How to describe your problem to a PC repair professional. (2016-12)
Describe your PC problems  (keywords: Computers, help)
Is your Windows Desktop dotted with files? Have you noticed that your fast computer has been running slower and slower? How to clean your Windows desktop. (2016-12)
Clean Windows desktop  (keywords: Windows, desktops)
Learn how to develop a logical Windows folder structure and save yourself loads of time locating your files. (2016-12)
Logical Windows folder structure  (keywords: Windows, files & folders)
How to use the excellent and free VLC media player software to download videos from . Other tools are also discussed in this article. (2016-12)
Free VLC media player  (keywords: Software, media players)
Let's say you have a large ISO file on your Linux computer and you want to access, extract, or copy one single file from it. In Linux there are a few ways to do it. (2016-12)
Linux and ISO  (keywords: Linux, general)
Just move the mouse to change the three dimensional shapes. (2016-12)
3D shapes  (keywords: Art, 3D shapes)
13 ways you're screwing up your own computer. (2016-12)
Screwing up your PC  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
A comprehensive guide to the anatomy of type. (2016-12)
The changing configuration of the National Hockey League (NHL) from 1942-2016. (2016-12)
NHL configuration  (keywords: Sports, hockey)
Pupils come in a variety of shapes. Why do some animals have vertical pupils, whereas others have round or horizontal? (2016-12)
Pupil shapes  (keywords: Animals, general)
50 tricks and hacks which you (probably) don't know about your PC. (2016-12)
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How to find your lost Windows or Office product keys. (2016-12)
Lost Windows/Office keys  (keywords: Windows, troubleshooting)
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