Web Page Reviews - 2004 - October

Toolkit to temporarily block delivery of WinXP SP2 to a PC through Windows' auto updates. (2004-10)
Microsoft - WinXP SP2 delivery blocker  (keywords: Windows, WinXP)
eTrust Antivirus for Palm OS download (free for a limited time). (2004-10)
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Collection of challenging free online games. (2004-10)
Historical happenings in music, sports, politics, and world news. (2004-10)
On-this-day  (keywords: Entertainment, generalHistory, general)
The Earth Calendar is a daybook of holidays and celebrations around the world; browse by date, country, or religion. (2004-10)
Earth calendar  (keywords: CalendarsHolidays, general)
Play Movie Hangman. (2004-10)
Where wrappers are to be enjoyed as art, nostalgia, and humor. (2004-10)
Candy wrapper museum  (keywords: Museum, general)
Growing list of apps which may have problems working with WinXP SP2. (2004-10)
Microsoft - WinXP SP2 problem applications  (keywords: Windows, WinXP)
Automatic complaint letter generator. (2004-10)
Pakin - complaint letter generator  (keywords: Miscellaneous)
How to remove WinXP SP2 from your PC. (2004-10)
Microsoft - WinXP SP2 remove  (keywords: Windows, WinXP)
Those humorous Citibank Identity Theft Solutions TV advertisements. (2004-10)
Daryld - Citibank identity theft TV ad  (keywords: Humor, generalTelevision, general)
Locate any zip code on this satellite map. Also, try using the zoom option. (2004-10)
Create your own bootable CD with WinXP combined with SP2. (2004-10)
Discover birthdates of famous people. Search by name, year, month, or date. (2004-10)
Famous birthdays  (keywords: History, generalPeople, general)
Video presentation that recaptures the popular roads and destinations that defined various time periods in American travel. (2004-10)
A collection of materials about the evolutionary development of sewers over the past 5500 years. (2004-10)
Quirky inventions within these galleries contain visionary designs in the field of transportation engineering that failed creation. (2004-10)
One suggested WinXP Service Pack 2 installation checklist. (2004-10)
Descriptions of useful freeware utilities which deserve consideration for your PC. (2004-10)
Aumha - freeware  (keywords: Software, general)
How to Download Windows Updates and Drivers from the Windows Update Catalog (for storing on CD or HDD). (2004-10)
Microsoft - download SP to hard drive  (keywords: Windows, WinXP)
"Inside Outlook Express" - much useful info including a free utility for backing up or transferring OE accounts. Back up your mail accounts often to avoid losses due to HDD failure or Windows corruption! (2004-10)
Inside Outlook Express  (keywords: Windows, WinXP)
Site of "Today's Homeowner" TV show - quick tips and articles on home improvement and home solution challenges. (2004-10)
Today's homeowner  (keywords: Home, generalHome, repairs)
An extensive collection of WinXP tweaks, tips, and problem solutions. (2004-10)
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Illustrations and photo gallery of paper fold objects; instructions, and articles on building your own creations. (2004-10)
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